About Me

My Pic 22 Nov 2020.jpeg
My Pic 22 Nov 2020.jpeg

Hi! Nice that you dropped by.

I'm Nilanjan.

I was born and brought up near Kolkata, India. Had an awesome childhood, spent mostly by playing around, and hardly studying.

Worked in corporate job (IT) for 13+ years, worked, enjoyed, lost myself somewhere in the journey, compromised on health, got tired of the system, resigned. Picked up the long-ignored lenses, dusted off the diaries, found the pens, packed my sketchbooks, pulled out the pair of shoes, took a couple of long breaths, and set out.

I click portraits of people - in posed/candid and in yoga poses. And I just love landscapes.

I am looking forward to work with restaurants too, to present their side of the stories, on their plates.


And I capture moments on the go - either click those or pen those down.

I share my knowledge too, whatever little I have, with the local village kids, to help them in their journeys.

Prefer to stay in villages or small towns.

Avoid cities, mostly.

I love to ride my bicycle, do my regular practice rides, love to run, do regular work outs, do treks in Himalayas, and eat food, not poison.

May be we can meet someday and talk about the numerous topics under the Sun (and moon), over a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer.