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Defying Natural Selection

When human have chosen to bypass the natural way, and thought of being a better race.

The polar bears now have to swim further, in the arctic waters, to reach from one ice patch to another, as the global warming has melted the ice in that polar region.

Why do they have to swim, however?

Because they have to hunt, mostly seals, to survive. They can’t just order their food in Zomato, or Swiggy, and chill in the dinning cave until the order arrives.

Each extra miles they travel, for food, cost them valuable energy that they can gain only by hunting and eating. No protein shake for them, fortunately.

Born, Not Bred

Now, coming back to seals, they are also in trouble.


Seals are mammals, and they need to come to the surface to breath, and they generally rest on those ice patches in between their own hunting sessions in the arctic water.

Now, as the surface area of the ice patches have been reducing in a rapid rate, the resting area for the seals are also decreasing rapidly.

They can’t just approach a realtor for a bungalow, now, can they?

So, they have to swim more, from both time and distance perspectives, to find a suitable place to rest, which cause them valuable energy, which can only be gained - by now, you know how.

Therefore, in a nutshell, we can conclude that the situation is not really suitable for them to survive.

In this case, when the environmental situation is not favourable, the mother nature has long back, we don’t know from when, had derived a way to protect the living beings - by slowing down or delaying their reproduction cycles.

For example, when nature favours, many animals reproduces in a high rate. And on the contrary, when the natural condition is not favourable, the reproduction is slowed down, naturally, sometimes even it takes a pause.

Mother Nature

Now, how that is beneficial, for the world, is the question.

To understand the answer, we must realise that giving birth is not the end of the cycle, but let the offspring grow and live healthily is the ultimate goal.

In nature, all the animal and plant species except human, follow the rule of natural selection.

What does it say?

It says that if a genetical line is not suitable to produce a fit offspring, nature stops that line in terms of reproduction, meaning that the specific animal, or plant, can’t reproduce any offspring.

It’s been an observed and proven fact.

And the same happens to human as well.

Well, it used to happen.

And that’s why, there were, and are, many couples who can’t bear a child in the natural process.

And that was where we should have stopped, and listen to nature.

However, we are human, and we claim to be the sharpest in the planet.


What we did instead was that we invented artificial ways to produce offsprings.

Test-tube babies, Inverto-fertilisation, surrogate mothers, hormone-therapies - we have discovered these scientific ways to continue our bloodlines.

Yes, they are scientific ways, but never a natural way.

Wanting to know how something works, and then let it be applied without understanding the consequences, are not the same thing. When the first one is curiosity and admirable, the later is pure stupidity and destructive.

Nature is Mystic - Be a Part of It

Therefore, defying the natural process, we have been introducing a serin the Google map, a lot of red dots.

Instead, we could just adopt a lot of children who were naturally born, but no one to take care of, guide them to grow, and live.

We have chosen to be ignorant, and still call ourselves the greatest race of this earth.

That’s the irony.


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