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  • Nilanjan Guha Majumder

Living Those Dreams

It was a regular sunny day in Bangalore, somewhere around December of 2020, a typical working day for a corporate employee. I had taken a break from working with my laptop, and was taking sips from my cup of tea, while taking a stroll on my room-adjacent beautiful terrace - as beautiful as possible surrounded by two-three storied buildings. It was a nice lazy time for me, when most of my retrospections happen!

At some point of that lazy time, I decided to put my long-nurtured thought in motion - to leave Bangalore, and start travelling, and working while travelling.

The plan was to hop from one place to another, starting from somewhere near Bangalore, and end up somewhere in the Himalayan towns in the northern part of India, following the west coast, while staying at each place as long as I like to, and keep working for the company where I was a part of (or at least I thought so!).

It took me a couple of weeks to set the plan in motion, pack my little belongings which I thought I needed, and leave my rented house (making the house owner very surprised), and start the journey.

The first place I landed was a small village near Mysuru, Karnataka. A calm and quiet village, surrounded by a lot of trees and farmlands, where I, on the eighth day after arriving, decided to leave my job (probably making my co-workers very surprised!).

Looking back at that now, it seems a very distant but clear memory! I clearly remember how I felt at that time. From that time, time has passed, like a river, twisting and turning, never not interesting. I had left that village too, with time. After spending some time at home, for a brief period of time, and retrospecting, I have been to the Konkan of Maharashtra. I have then travelled to a quiet and dense forested village in Himachal, and then travelled to Ladakh.

It has been a very interesting journey of more than two years - since I had decided to follow a long-nurtured dream - a journey of so many learnings, meeting interesting people, knowing many cultures, tasting different foods that enriched my pallet and a strong belief that dreams and hope are absolutely important for living life.

Last night, while at the verge of my sleep, I had suddenly realised that I have lived one or few of my dreams in these last two years, and that, although the dreams have not exactly always been in the ways I had imagined, but I have lived those in some other ways.

I should soon be starting teaching in a school, making that my profession, another of my dreams that I had been nurturing for very long, almost since my childhood days!

I have more dreams. I always had. In the coming days, hopefully, some of those will be fulfilled as well - may not be in the ways I have imagined, but it will be, in some other ways. And some of those won’t be, and that’s okay!

It’s important for me to dream, and follow those, hoping that when I look back, I can feel a wide smile spread across my face, and feel the contentment spreading, warming up my heart and energising my body!

That’s the life I have dreamt of, for myself.

If you want to join, with your dreams, I am game!


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