• Nilanjan Guha Majumder

Overlooking - A Trend

Updated: Jan 4

In any matter, until a point is not proven, we must not say it’s a moot point.

For example, until it was not proven that the Earth orbits the Sun, the theory that Sun could orbit the Earth, or Jupiter, could not be ruled out. That’s how logic works.

Now, a great deal of articles have been floating in the internet, specially in social networking platforms, that plants do not feel pain. And the reason is stated as they do not have nervous system and a brain.

Here comes the fallacy.

While scientists (biologists, botanists) have been working to know plants better, they are yet to discover something that can prove whether plants do not feel pain. They have got tits and bits which suggest that plants have nervous system of their own, and transmits signals based on external stimuli (which was anyway visible to the observing eyes from long ago), but the study is still going on, and on a very initial stage.

Now, until the Plantae kingdom is explored exhaustively, which is a never-ending activity, we can never say plants do not have brains. However, while we are uttering the word brain, the major mistake that we do is to picture the human brain (or animal brains). We must not forget that a plant, which belongs to a completely different taxonomy branch, its “brain” may look like a completely different one than animals. It may even not have a “brain", but still be intelligent, because it may have a completely different structure than us, the animal kingdoms. If we claim ourselves to be intelligent, then we must be open to this idea, because it also makes sense.

If we do not look for alternative ideas, theories, and analyse over those and then debate on it, but repeatedly keep jumping to conclusions based on a few words picked up from some scientific journals or Google search, then I am sure, we are not using our most prized possession, that is the brain, very effectively!


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