• Nilanjan Guha Majumder

Success - To Measure, Or To Enjoy?

Updated: Jan 4

I was around ten years old when I had hit all the balloons with the airgun I held, at a local fare at my small hometown, some twenty-nine years ago, where my father used to take me regularly.

I was ecstatic, jumping with joy!

I was able to hit the moving balloons soon after that, and those swinging small objects too.

I was almost at the verge of tears, in immense happiness!

At the same time period, and later too, I had progressed through my classes in school.

I had hardly been in the top ten of my classes, in the exam results, but I was always in the limelight in the sports activities, or any other cultural activities.

And I was content.

So, when one of my friends asked me recently whether I am successful, I told him that yes, I am happy.

He was not satisfied at all with my reply. He probably expected something else.

Like, how many degrees I have achieved, or what’s the salary I draw, and may be if I own a house!

Well, I had some of those, I pondered.

However, those came along with my journey over the years, but those were never what I wanted to achieve, consciously.

I never had much target, or goals.

I was happy not because I have a fat salary, or a red shiny car. I was happy because I could drive that car in the rain, or in the sunshine. And I was also happy while I travelled in trains, and the trains halted at an unscheduled station, wet with drizzles and covered with red-yellow flowers.

Or I was happy when I walked on a road flocked by nature at its sides.

I know that there are many, and different ways of success.

And I am respectful towards all those.

However, I will have a strong argument with them who measure success.

When you can invent a number of ways to measure your successes, don’t forget that while busy in measuring, you are probably growing in desperation as you are targeting for “higher” success in the future.

And you have started losing your peace, started compromising with your happiness, the moment you had become desperate, for anything.

Desperation - is a small seed that, once sowed, grows silently and devastatingly fast, until you replace it with pure happiness, and nothing else.

Success, for me, is to be able to do something, or many things, which makes me happy.


Because, your success is for you, not for the society.

Don’t let you forget that.


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