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Valuing Time, Instead of Measuring It

Updated: Mar 14

Someone asked me, how do you manage all your house chores and office works together?

Well, that was a question to ponder of, I thought.

I knew that I did manage to handle both my house chores and office works meticulously, but I did not really gave it a thought how I did that.

So I started thinking.

As usual, I started off with calculating how much time I usually spend in each tasks, like cooking, cleaning, going for groceries, doing physical exercises, and the different tasks in my daily office days, plus my sleeping hours. However, although this activity gave me the list of hours, the sum of those, but that did not tell me how I could manage those within 24 hours whereas others could not do that.

So, I was sitting on my rooftop one afternoon, unable to find my answers, and sipping my favourite cup of badam milk. And then, while watching floating clouds on the colourful sky, a thought suddenly hit me.

It was not about the sum of time durations that I consume to perform my tasks, but how I do not consider those as "tasks", but think those as parts of my daily life.

I cook because I find joy in it - to create different tastes, I clean because I love to have organised place to stay, and roam around. I buy my own vegetables because I love to find out how to identify fresh vegetables, and talk to the sellers about their early morning lives.

So, when I enjoy what I do, then I don't measure the time to do it, rather value it. And therefore, I know what I need to do in a day, and never run out of time as I am happy with what I did, instead of being grumpy of what I could not do.

If you value time, you will never hesitate to be still for some moments, to appreciate what you have, rather than chasing time by measuring it.

Try it. You will find yourself happier and more efficient.


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